Dr. Fu Panfeng attends the Seminar on the Chinese Civil Code held in Paris, France

Source: iolaw.cssn.cn 2023-04-27  



Dr. Fu Panfeng, a researcher at CASS Institute of International Law, attended online the Seminar on the Chinese Civil Code held in Paris, France on April 19, 2023. The conference was jointly organized by Paris Bar Association, French-Chinese Economic Law Association, France China Committee and Paris Law College. Taking “Is the first Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China a vehicle for legal innovations” as its theme, the seminar was divided into two sessions "Franc and the Chinese Civil Code" and "Major Innovations of the China Civil Code".”



At the seminar, Dr. Fu Panfeng gave a presentation entitled "Is the abandonment of the provisions of Article 142 of the 1987 General Principles of the Civil Law announces a reform of the rules of private international law?" The presentation triggered a heated discussion among the participants of the seminar and was highly praised by French experts after the seminar. The following is the link to the agenda of this seminar: https://droitfrancechine.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/programme-cciv.chinois.pdf