Professor Rui Lourido from the Portuguese Institute of Chinese Observation visits CASS Institute of Law and CASS Institute of International Law

A meeting was held between Professor Mo Jihong, director of CASS Institute of Law, and Professor Rui Lourido, director of China Observation Institute in Portugal, on April 11, 2024.



During the meeting, the host and guest had a cordial and friendly exchange of opinions. Professor Mo extended a warm welcome to Professor Lourido and briefed him on the basic situation of CASS, CASS Institute of Law and CASS Institute of International Law. He pointed out that, since its establishment, the International Network of Think Tanks for Democracy Theory Studies has adhered to the principle of joint construction and sharing, pursued the concept of democracy, and continuously deepened the research and understanding of and reached a broad consensus on democracy among its members. He expressed the hope that the two sides would actively carry out academic activities under the framework of the Network, cooperate to launch high-quality results, and further strengthen personnel exchanges in the future. Professor Lourido expressed his gratitude to the two institutes for their warm reception and said that, as a member of the Network, his institute is willing to work with the two CASS institutes to better promote exchanges and cooperation in democracy studies and at the same time strengthen exchanges and mutual learning between the two countries in the historical and cultural fields.



The International Network of Think Tanks for Democracy Theory Studies was initiated by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences at the first International Forum on "Democracy: The Shared Values" in December 2021. The Portuguese Institute of China Observation, as one of the foreign member institutions of the think tank network, has been actively participating in various work of the think tank network since then.



Also attending the meeting were Mr. Zhang Jingui, head of the Research Coordination and Internation Cooperation Department of CASS Institute of Law, Cui Jingchen, a project officer at the Department, and Dr. Shen Qian, Dr. Tan Guanfu and Dr. Wang Huiru from the Editorial Board of Chinese Review of International Law, an academic journal sponsored by CASS Institute of International Law.