Dong Wenyong

Dong Wenyong, male, born in May 1976, a native of Jinghai County, Tianjin Municipality; doctor in law; associate professor of CASS Law Institute; council member, Research Committee of Social Law, China Law Society; council member, Research Committee of Legislation Law, China Law Society; council member, Expert Association of West City District, Beijing Municipality; member of Federation of Social Science Circles of West City District, Beijing Municipality.


Education and Work Experience

2006: Ph.D. in Law, CASS Graduate School;

2005: Visiting scholar, Marx-Planck Institute of Foreign and International Sociology of Law;

2002: LL.M. Graduate School, CASS Law Institute:

1999: Bachelor of Law, Faculty of Political Science and Management, China University of Political Science and Law;

Main research fields

Health law, social security law

Since 2002, Mr. Dong Wenyong has been independently in charge of three state-level or ministerial level research projects; participated in 12 ministerial level major or key research projects, projects commissioned by ministries and commissions under the State Council, and foreign-funded projects; published two monographs (Laws and Policies on the Control of Medical Expense and Social Law and Health Law Revisited) and over 40 academic article in many core academic journals, such as Qiushi, Chinese Hospital Management, Global Law Review, China Social Security, People's Daily, Chinese Yearbook of Human Rights; completed over 10 research reports and submitted over a dozen proposals on draft laws and on the construction of the rule of law in China.