Chinese Journal of Empirical Legal Studies (vol.5)



Tian He and Lu Yanbin (eds.), Chinese Journal of Empirical Legal Studies (vol.5), Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, August 2021.


Chinese Journal of Empirical Legal Studies is a publication sponsored by the Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Center for the Studies of National Index of the Rule of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Up to now,a total of five consecutive volumes of the journal has been published. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, this volume of the journal, "100 Years of Construction of Intra-Party Regulations: Retrospect and Prospect", reviewing and summarizing the achievements made by the Communist Party of Chinain the construction of intra-Party regulations.Since the implementation of the pilot program on procuratorial public interest litigation in China in 2015, the number of relevant cases has increased rapidly and remarkable results have been achieved in the trial of these cases. However, whether procuratorial public interest litigation should be further expanded is still a controversial issue. For this reason, the two authors in the "Contention" column of this volume carried out discussions on "the dispute over the development path of public interest litigation". In addition, this volume also featuresa number of articles on the empirical researches related to law-based business environment, public emergencies, judicial reform, the implementation of the Civil Code and other hot issues in judicial practice.