The Latest Developments of Labor Standards in Free Trade Agreements

Li Xixia, The Latest Developments of Labor Standards in Free Trade Agreements, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, March 2023
This book studies the main aspects of the latest development of labor standards in the FTAs of the US since 2018 from the perspective of international law and reveals the essence of the continuously developing labor rules in the United States and its institutional impact. At the same time, it analyzes how China responds to CPTPP labor standards and discusses the implementation of core labor standards established by ILO in FTAs and other international frameworks and its significance to international labor governance. In addition, it systematically studies from the perspective of comparative law the established model, construction basis and development characteristics of labor standards in FTAs of three major economies: the EU, the United States and Canada. Finally, it discusses the international labor law related to the labor standards in FTAs, including the substantive labor law norms established at the international level and the procedural rules for their formulation and implementation. This book aims to provide theoretical support and practical reference for solving the theoretical and practical problems that have plagued China for a long time in the relationship between labor standards and international trade and provide a reference for constructing the discourse system and proposition of labor standards in China's FTAs.