ZHOU Lin (ed.): Studies on Intellectual Property Rights


Zhou Lin (ed.), Studies on Intellectual Property Rights No. 30, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2023.

Studies on Intellectual Property Rights, sponsored by the CASS Center for Intellectual Property Studies, was founded by Professor Zheng Chengsi in 1996. It focuses on legal issues in the process of artistic creation and the production, dissemination and utilization of information in real life. The latest volume of the book (no. 30), which takes “competition among major countries and intellectual property rights” as its theme, consists of such parts as theme discussion, information law research, academic contention, judicial frontier, and book review, and covers a wide range of issues, including the role of intellectual property system in international competition, copyright protection of online music works, marginal conflict between data portability and enterprise data rights, element judgment in the judicial determination of audio-visual works, application of punitive damages for intellectual property rights, and relief of conflicts between modern intellectual property rights and traditional folk customs.