The Symposium on Establishing the Systematic and Scientific Thinking of Civil Law Successfully Held

Source: Source: | 2021-08-26  



The Symposium on Establishing a Systematic and Scientific Thinking of Civil Law, sponsored by the Civil Law Department of CASS Law Institute, was successfully held in Beijing on August 24, 2021. The Symposium was attended by experts and scholars from Tsinghua University, China University of Political Science and Law, CASS Law Institute, CASS Institute of International Law, and University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

At the opening ceremony of the symposium, Professor Sun Xianzhong, a research fellow at CASS Institute of Law and a member of CASS Academic Committee, delivered an opening speech, in which he extended warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to the participants, and gave in-depths explanations of systemic techniques of the Civil Code legislation and the systematic relationships between civil law norms. He proposed that China should persist in implementing the systemic and scientific thinking of civil law in the whole process of legislation, law enforcement and administration of justice, and avoid fragmentation of theoretical viewpoints. In particular, it should pay attention to the dominating effect of the General Provisions of Civil Code and other superior norms, and respect different function positioning of different civil law norms. Finally, Professor Sun emphasized that research on the systematic and scientific thinking of civil law will also have a positive effect on the systematization and scientification of other legal fields.

Afterwards, the participants gave speeches on various issues around the theme of the symposium. The entire seminar was tightly arranged and the discussion was quite intense. In the free discussion session, experts and scholars expressed their opinions on the topics of the discussion. The collision of different views and ideas, the integration of theory and practice, and the communication between the foreign legal system and the Chinese legal system fully demonstrated the academic height, depth and breadth of this symposium. CASS Law Institute will continue to promote the implementation and popularization of the systematic and scientific thinking of civil law.