The first " International Academic Forum in China" held in Beijing

Source: | 2021-10-16  



The "International Academic Forum in China 2021", sponsored by CASS,was held in Beijing on October 14t-15, 2021. The forum, also known as the "Hundred Persons Forum", is a series of forums that invites a total of 100 top Chinese experts and internationally renowned scholars in the field of philosophy and social sciences to carry out discussions around one theme each year. This year’s forum, whichwas the first one in the series, took “a New and Unique Chinese Path to Modernization” as its theme.The forum is aimed at demonstratingin an all-round way "China in Academia", "China in theory", and "China in Philosophy and Social Sciences", creating a famousbrand of academic forum withgreat influencein the world, and creating an important platform for promoting Chinese academics, developing Chinese theories, and disseminating Chinese thoughts.


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