The Party Branch of the Criminal Law and Procedural Law Departments of CASS Institute of Law carries out investigation and exchange activities at the Supreme People‘s Court

On August 9th, members of the Party Branch of Criminal Law and Procedure Law Department of CASS Institute of Law, headed by Professor Liu Renwen, secretary of the branch, visited the Supreme People's Court to carry out investigation and exchange activities.  



During the visit, members of the Party Branch attended the symposium on "How to Strengthen the Integration of the Theory and Practice of Criminal Law". At the symposium, presided over by Mr. Li Ruiyi, President of the Fifth Criminal Adjudication Tribunal of the Supreme People's Court, the participants carried out an in-depth exchange of views on many hot and difficult issues in the criminal rule of law, such as the understanding and application of the newly issued Minutes of the National Conference on the Trial Drug Cases, the completed and unfinished forms of drug crimes, the legal regulation of cross-border gambling, the criminal law compliance of enterprises, difficult problems in the review of death sentences, the concrete implementation of the criminal policy of tempering justice with mercy, and the boundary between legitimate defense and excessive defense.  



After the symposium, members of the Party Branch exchanged views with Mr. Jin Bo, Commissioner of Party Affairs and Integrity of the Fifth Criminal Adjudication Tribunal, and other members of the Tribunal on how to guide the trial Work with Party building. Then, accompanied by Mr. Jin Bo and other comrades, they visited the Chinese Court Museum and watched the exhibition of achievements of people's courts in carrying forward and practicing socialist core values.



The investigation and exchange at the Supreme People's Court enabled members of the Party Branch to not only gain a personal understanding of the criminal trial work and Party building of the Supreme People's Court but also identify some new research topics that need urgent attention in theory.