LI Lin: Providing a Powerful Legal Guarantee for the Chinese Nation to Stand Up and Become Rich and Strong - Commemorating the 75 Years of the Legal Construction in New China


Abstract: Since the founding of the People's Republic of China 75 years ago, the rule of law has played an important role in the socialist revolution, construction, reform and opening up and socialist modernization, providing a strong guarantee for the Chinese nation to stand up and become rich and strong and contributing to the diversity of the civilization of the rule of law as well as and the exchanges and mutual learning between different countries in this field. In the new era, China has achieved a historic transformation from "governing the country by law" to "comprehensive law-based state governance", from "forming a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics" to "building a socialist system of the rule of law with Chinese characteristics", and from "ensuring that there are laws to go by, laws are followed, law enforcement is strict, and violations are prosecuted" to "making all-around efforts to ensure sound legislation, strict law enforcement, impartial administration of justice, and society-wide observance of the law", thereby making historic achievements in the construction of the rule of law.

Key words: comprehensive law-based state governance; Xi Jinping thought of the rule of law; civilization of the rule of law 

Author: Li Lin, a member of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a research fellow at CASS Institute of Law, and a distinguished professor at the Law School of the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Source: 5 (2024) People's Tribune.