XIAO Jing: Practical paths to promoting high-quality development and their legal guarantee

Abstract: High-quality development is the primary task of China in building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. To accomplish this task, it is necessary to get a deep understanding of the great significance of promoting high-quality development and ensure that all related tasks are implemented, actively explore practical paths to promoting high-quality development, achieve key breakthroughs on the basis of overall planning, make every effort to advance the work on the premise of finding the right direction, comprehensively build a legal guarantee system that promotes high-quality development, further improve relevant legislation, accelerate the construction of a law-based government, strictly and impartially administer justice, promote the construction of a law-based society, and comprehensively build a modern socialist state on the track of the rule of law. 

Key Words: high-quality development; practice paths; rule-of-law guarantees

Author: Xiao Jing, associate research fellow, CASS Institute of Law;

Source: 4 (2024) China Price Journal.